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Lancer Services was founded approximately 12 years ago by an ardent military vehicle collector who was looking for a means of supporting the restoration of his fleet of old army trucks. Over the years, the number and variety of vehicles has grown considerably to the point where we can now support just about anything from low budget videos and commercials to major film productions.

.M43 Dodge AmbulanceWe have considerable experience in dealing with the film industry; having supported numerous productions, with everything from W.W.II to current pattern vehicles and equipment. We've also established an extensive network with other collectors in obtaining both additional vehicles and/or rare vehicles not currently held in our inventory.

M113 LynxSome of our vehicles can be modified to meet your particular requirements. We also have some that can be used for "special effects" such as accidents, armed attacks, explosions, etc.



While the majority of our rentals are to Production Companies filming within British Columbia, Canada, arrangements can also be made to ship vehicles and/or equipment anywhere in North America or the World. Our rates are very competitive and we eagerly look forward to serving you.


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